Everyday Life


For the first time in a while I feel this inner calmness. I actually woke up this morning and instantly had a panic attack. But now, I just have this feeling that everything will be ok. Everything happens for a reason and if I go with it, everything will be fine.

Maybe this is a sign death is nearing, I don’t know.

Everyday Life

Internship Search

I have reached the point in my program where I have to find and complete my internship. To be honest I am a bit nervous about this since many from my program have talked about not hearing from places until last minute or the site cancels on them the week/days before the paperwork is due. I’ve been putting this off because of the stories, but I have to get to it at this point.

Here goes nothing!

Everyday Life, Other Things

Dear Baby L

This time last year really fucking sucked. Then came July. I knew you existed before your parents even did. I told my parents my suspicion and they kinda started thinking the same. Because of things, your parents didn’t tell anyone for a while, but eventually we all knew and they had to officially tell people. I was excited about you, but didn’t want to get too excited in case we lost you too. There may have been some bumps in the beginning, but you’re strong. I’m sorry for making your mom sick from the smell of my Taco Bell, but it was really good. You’ve already been to a Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert and Ed Sheeran concert, so you’re pretty badass.


I said you’d come during a storm and it would involve a Thursday night. Sure enough your mothers water broke Thursday night and you came the next day during a snow/rain nasty storm. Call it aunt intuition. You are perfect and I love you so much little rainbow baby.


The Eyebrow Crisis

If you were not here or do not remember the Eyebrow Incident of October 2k17, please go read about it then come back.

I am still not great at drawing them on. sometimes they are too big, sometimes it is like what the hell happened, but I have a good shade and pencil I use now.

Today though, first the first time I had a major problem with this. Somehow, the pencil broke and I couldn’t twist it out of the tube. I had no backup, it was my backup. I went through all my old ones. I got one brow down, but couldn’t get enough for the other. I found a pencil that wasn’t the right shade, that was bad. Finally I found one with my shade, but a different brand. I drew something on and avoided people the rest of the day as much as possible.

Can’t they just grow back?

Other Things

Cooking With Tiffany

I want to start cooking more. I see all these recipes that look amazing and for the most part I like cooking. However, it also takes so much time with the prep and then the actual cooking. A taco bell is 5 minutes. But seriously, I need to start eating better and I feel if I started cooking more, I would.

I’ve also started drinking beer lately. Never thought that would happen.