Odd Man Out

Out of my friends I am the only single one. Now, I only really consider 4 people friends, I may refer to some others as friends, but it is more of a way to talk about them, rather then just saying “someone I know”. Anyways, they all are in serious relationships. My last friend that was single is now in a relationship, leaving me a lone wolf.

I am very happy for them all and their guys seem great even though I haven’t met them all yet.

I don’t really want to be in a relationship, sometimes it would be nice to have someone to cuddle with or do cute couple things with.

But really, it is just boring having all your friends in relationships.

It is The Year of Tiffany though, so I have better things to do.


Figuring Things Out

Haha, what a title. I actually have no idea what I’m doing, let alone have anything figured out.

I think, however, that I have found a place to do my practicum for my degree. It fits what I want and it’s in New York City.

I don’t really need to start planing this until next winter, but I’m looking forward to the future and can’t wait for it. I’m really boring right now and want to live. But I’m trapped for now so I’ll keep dreaming about my future.

I’m Calm…..Not Really

I have tried to take the time to calm down before I discussed this matter. I have come to realize this will never happen.

I would like to start this out by saying, go fuck yourself if you view Africa, Haiti, or any other region as a “shithole”. Seriously, go fuck yourself.

I already have 0 tolerance for racism so I have 0 tolerance for the shitshow that is taking place in the United States. There seems to be this alternative fact that if you aren’t racist, homophobic, sexist, and an overall asshole, you aren’t a true, proud American so you should get out.


I am none of those things and I love my country. I am glad I was born in a country that allows me to have many freedoms. So many people are not born in a place like that, but it is not their fault they weren’t born someone where else.

However, some (most) bitches seem to look past what our country is supposed to be built on. The America they are creating is not the America I am proud of.

Anyways, while I have never been to any of the countries in Africa, I have been to Haiti. What is a huge problem that prevents Haiti from thriving (the white man, seriously, we have fucked them over time and time again)? Their government. But Haiti and the people that call it home, are beautiful. Not only was their country called a shithole, but it was done on the anniversary of the earthquake that devastated them. At a time we should have been thinking of all the lives lost and how it changed that country, it was called a shithole instead.

On top of it being completely wrong, it is so unpresidential. But of course, the racists loved it.


I Tried.

I tried to be adult and not unfriend the guy a had the brief fling with from Facebook. He obviously didn’t unfriend me either. I regret it. As I have said in the past, I thought he was a cool, nice guy. Then he went crazy and didn’t understand that no means no, was clingy, and was an overall child.

Before our little fling, he hardly posted anything and when he did it was about sports and stuff like that. Now, he posts selfies where he is expressionless and has dead eyes. They are accompanied with captions about how he has to go outside in the cold at work and how people don’t appreciate it.

Get over yourself.

He also posts thing to get compliments about the weight he has lost. While it is great, don’t go fishing for compliments.

Then there is his overall inability to grow up. Instead of just going and buying a muffin pan, given he is almost 30, he would rather whine to his mother on Facebook about not having one so he can’t make what he wants and gets his mother to make them for him instead. They don’t even live near each other. He won’t even get his mail sent to him, instead it goes to his mothers. He just refuses to do things for himself that would make him an adult. Instead, he would rather whine and have others do it for him.

Again, your almost 30, you want these muffins, go buy a $3 muffin pan and make them.

This is a real bitchy rant, I am aware of that, I just needed to get that out.

Giving It A Go

I say the magical Jenna Marbles shave her face, a trick she has picked up from the beauty community. Now, I don’t wear make-up, I only draw on my brows after the incident happened, however, I will go to great lengths for beauty (except wear makeup because I’m not that talented). So I grabbed my trusty razor thing that was the cause of the brow incident, and I shaved my face.

It’s not like I have a beard, I just have the normal peach fuzz.

I cut the area above my lip and my face feels less soft. I feel lied to. Ok, that’s dramatic, it’s not that and I’d rate the experience an 8/10. Would I do it again? We’ll see how my mustache grows in…..