Oh Dear

I know when I am having a slight quarter life crisis because I turn to Fire Crotch. I know he is more broken than I am and will take me back. I know this is unhealthy and will end very badly, but we are getting together next Sunday.

He’s clingy, boring, and maybe not the most attractive, but I know I can trust him and we do have a lot of the same interests.


Let’s Be Real

I think it is time that they come to an end. It has been a fun little over a month, but this really isn’t for me. I don’t care what these guys do, how they are, any of that. I know I will never meet them, so they are basically irrelevant to me and the majority of men have this thing where you have to be overly nice and compliment them a lot, and I’m not about that. If it isn’t a two-way street I am not, you aren’t getting shit from me.

And if  I am told one more time that, that is not how I should be to get a man, I will throat punch that person. For starters, I do not/ not looking for a man. I also have no desire to be with a self-centered prick.

That’s the thing though, I am not looking for a man. I have my own shit going on. I am more of a, if I come across a guy that I hit it off with, awesome, if not, I won’t be lost. I would much rather be a successful, independent woman. I had a brief time where I thought I wanted to be with someone. This was due to a “friend” who kept telling me I needed a guy. I don’t. She is also the one who wanted me to join dating apps. I listened. I shouldn’t have.

It also pisses me off that most guys who say you are attractive in some way almost get offended when you say I know instead of playing the ” oh no I’m not *giggle*” game. I wrote a post of that so I won’t go into that again.

I know what I deserve, and none of these guys are it.


Today On Bad Decisions With Tiffany

I keep giving people from dating apps my snapchat name. This is getting out of control. One guy covers everything he eats in mustard. I mean EVERYTHING. Another only posts videos of his cat, it could be cute, but it is really a bit excessive. Human Carpet is still going strong. One guy is odd… he’s entertaining. I don’t support drug use, but he I hope he does drugs and isn’t like that naturally.

I need to stop giving it out.



The Human Carpet Chronicles

At this point, I’ll give the human carpet a chance. Despite all the hair, the small penis, and the people I know that know him thinking he is a douche, it has been a few weeks now and he hasn’t given up. So, I will give it a go.

I swear the hair has gotten thicker just within the last few days.

He really loves snapchat. Like I get at least 5 selfies a day, several of his dog, and so on.

We have plans a few weekends from now. We’ll see if it happens and it so how it goes.

Oh Well

I think I’m being ghosted and I’m honestly ok with it. That guy seems to be MIA. I feel things are dying anyways so one of us had to do it.

It’s a shitty way to end things, however I do think it’s acceptable when you’ve never actually met in person.

What puts me off is his need to have me go to him. There’s no him coming to me. We had plans for him to come to my area this weekend and yesterday he decided he can’t. That’s fine, but instead I need to go to him. I’m not going to meet someone I met on the internet in an area I don’t know, especially when they are this adamant I go there. It is sketchy.