Well Yeah

I love when someone tries to tell me they can see my bra through my shirt. I know, I just don’t care. You know I’m wearing one, why hide it.

I know the black sports bra under a white shirt is a bit much, but no fucks given here folks.


It Will Never End

I finally gave in and bought a new cellphone. First I had to back up my original phone, fine. Then I couldn’t transfer my things until I updated iTunes, and hour later that was done. When my computer restarted it decided to do other updates and took another hour. Eventually I transferred everything and put in the SIM card. Great. It took 4 hours for the few apps I have, to download.

The fun part is I also bought an apple watch. Now the new phone didn’t have the new IOS. It said it would take 7 hours to download, but I doubted it would take that long. Here we are 6 hours later. Got down to 27 minutes then went back to over an hour. It may never end. It is 6 minutes to midnight at this point. I’ve dedicated too much time at this point, I am committed to riding this out.


I love how people think they can lie to me. Even through text I can detect that shit. I won’t say anything, I will keep it to myself and use it against you at a later time. I will also plan your demise in the meantime.

Never underestimate a Tiffany.

Also it doesn’t help when you say you are busy, but are on twitter or other social media. I see you.

I Tried

As I have mentioned, my anxiety lead me to becoming insecure which lead to neediness. Upon reflecting on this, I realized I was a bit harsh on Fire Crotch when it came to his neediness when I knew he was going through some things mentally. I felt bad so I apologized. A simple apology.

This little fucker has mad it into this whole thing. He thinks I have feelings for him, apparently only ever liked me sexually, just little whiny shit. I just tried to apologize god damn.

This is why I don’t do nice things.