Why did I make a blog?

So, a few months ago my friends jokingly said I should make a blog about my adventures on an alternative spring break. While I considered it, I didn’t have good internet service, but now here I am. I still don’t fully get why I decided to do this.

While the title of this blog may say life after undergrad, I am still an undergrad….for 45 more days. Before last spring I knew I wanted to go to medical school and become a surgeon, then I went to Haiti and volunteered at a center for malnourished children. It was a rough time, but I began to feel as though I had a different calling in life. Later I attended a conference about global health and about a month ago went to New Orleans and helped build a house with Habitat for Humanity. I now know I need to do something that allows me to work hands on with people who really need my help. Yes I would help people as a surgeon, but not in the same way.

On top of that, I have a friend who has an amazing GPA, a good MCAT score, and overall an impressive application and she didn’t get into med school. If she can’t how could I? Maybe someday I will have a change of heart and want to go to med school, but for now that is just not who I am.

But what do I do now? Obviously get a job, but doing what? In all reality I shouldn’t have quit my CNA job, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. After my grandfather died I needed time. I went to so long trying to everything, full time student, working full time, going to my grandfather’s doctors appointments, being a devoted aunt, I tried. I became so behind after missing weeks of classes from my grandfather being so sick, I couldn’t juggle school and work anymore and it was too hard to be in a hospital again after being there almost every day for a month, watching someone who meant so much to me slowly slip away.

It will also be a weird feeling no longer being in school. I have been going to school since I was 4 and here I am, 22 and going to finally be done (at least for now). What does it feel like not being in school? I’ll soon find out.


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