Today in a nutshell

First off, I went to a funeral today. Sadly, the dog of the funeral home owner was not there. This may seem odd, because well, it is. 2015 was a horrible year and I spent several days at the funeral. Naturally, the dog comforted me and followed me around,  he doesn’t really like people, but he realized I needed him in that time.

The next up for today was me losing a little more of my mind reading comments left by complete idiots on news channel facebook posts. I know I need to avoid them because it always just makes me angry that this is 2017 and we still have people denying facts, sexism, and racism (oh wait, racism is also apparently made up, like science). I only hope someday people get a clue. I must say, my favorite comment was on an article about lobster experts at a conference. Apparently, you have to have eaten a lobster in order to be a lobster expert….

Lastly, I was being petty and tried to avoid my sister when she came to my home today. In the process I fell asleep, it was an amazing nap and help relieve me from the pain of my allergies. This is completely irrelevant, but felt like writing it.


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