Motion In The Ocean


Yesterday I set sail in Boothbay Harbor for a whale watch. Prior to hitting the rough seas, I, along with the people I was with enjoyed lobster rolls while sitting on a deck overlooking the harbor and of course had to go to Wicked Whoopies. It doesn’t matter where you go, you have to get the best food in that area.

Now, I hadn’t been on a whale watch since 1st grade. While my memories from the experience are a little blurry, I strongly remember how bad the boat rocked and I naturally was convinced we were going to capsize. Obviously that didn’t happen. It was a bit rough out there, but it was a beautiful day to be on the water. We only saw 6 whales and some harbor seals.

What really bothered me about the whole thing is hearing about how some whales are so rare to see now because they are endangered. It is not just them though, a lot of sea creatures are suffer from climate change, like the lobsters. So far this year, the ocean waters here are colder than average, therefore the majority of sea creatures are not being seen where they should be at this time. We all need to start loving are planet and everything on it, if not, nothing will be left.



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