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Dreams Do Come True

Why did I go to Boston for a day? BECAUSE I SAW LADY GAGA AT FENWAY! Yes, that did deserve all caps. I love Lady Gaga, not just for her music, but for what she stands for. Her opener was DJ White Shadow. I had never heard of him, but I really liked him and his intensity. Yes, we waited a very long time for her to actually come out, but it was worth every minute. Did I mention she is the first woman to headline at Fenway? While that is sad, she is perfect to have been the first one. I loved singing along to all of the songs with the people around me and looking at how everyone decided to dress. Some people had amazing outfits that screamed Gaga. One lady had a bra covered in small spikes and short shorts with fishnets. While I loved the looked, I also give her props for wearing that on a very cold night in New England. I picked to wear a shirt covered in big sequins that made everything look like a disco ball when lights hit it. Also, there are no words to how amazing Lady Gaga is in person, she is breathtaking. The whole adventure kept me up for over 22 hours, I took a train first the first time, rode the T for the first time (and of course got a Charlie card), had a cop stop traffic and escort my sister and I across the street because we were lost, it was very eventful and I would do it all again. I will be going to another of her concerts someday. img_2160img_3210img_2025


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