Everyday Life

That’s Not How It Works

Recently my brother in laws and I were talking and one of them is trying to set me up with a guy they work with. To no surprise this guy is a Trump supporter. While anyone has that right (even though I can’t wrap my head around actually liking him) I don’t feel I can be with someone who does. Trump stands for everything I’m against and obviously his followers share those views, something I can’t tolerate. When staying this, they then thought I was in the wrong and that I’d end up with a guy who would be the woman in the relationship. I was unaware being a racist, sexist, complete asshole made you a man… oh wait, it doesn’t, it makes you pathetic. There’s so much wrong with this, but then again they also don’t see how a husband can rape his wife. Obviously they haven’t been raped by a significant other and don’t understand what rape actually is. Reason #968 as to why I can’t stand them.


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