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I’m Calm…..Not Really

I have tried to take the time to calm down before I discussed this matter. I have come to realize this will never happen.

I would like to start this out by saying, go fuck yourself if you view Africa, Haiti, or any other region as a “shithole”. Seriously, go fuck yourself.

I already have 0 tolerance for racism so I have 0 tolerance for the shitshow that is taking place in the United States. There seems to be this alternative fact that if you aren’t racist, homophobic, sexist, and an overall asshole, you aren’t a true, proud American so you should get out.


I am none of those things and I love my country. I am glad I was born in a country that allows me to have many freedoms. So many people are not born in a place like that, but it is not their fault they weren’t born someone where else.

However, some (most) bitches seem to look past what our country is supposed to be built on. The America they are creating is not the America I am proud of.

Anyways, while I have never been to any of the countries in Africa, I have been to Haiti. What is a huge problem that prevents Haiti from thriving (the white man, seriously, we have fucked them over time and time again)? Their government. But Haiti and the people that call it home, are beautiful. Not only was their country called a shithole, but it was done on the anniversary of the earthquake that devastated them. At a time we should have been thinking of all the lives lost and how it changed that country, it was called a shithole instead.

On top of it being completely wrong, it is so unpresidential. But of course, the racists loved it.



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