Let’s Get Touristy

Glitter Raptor and I went to Freeport yesterday. It is a prime tourist attraction in Maine. We both have had a rough few weeks so we needed to stop being lonely hermits. We bought some Wicked Whoopies and wandering around L.L. Bean . We came across a tent that was zipped so we joked that there was probably a couple having sex. Nope, we opened it to find a mortified 15 year old girl who was hiding on her dad.

Of course it rained because it does when we do anything. Look at Disney. But it stopped eventually.


Day 3

Today we traveled back to the Magic Kingdom. Since we basically covered the whole park, this day was mainly used to ride on rides again. I also was able to get the Millennial Pink Milkshake. It was really just sugar piled on sugar and I loved every sip of it.

Anyways, on this day we went on Peter Pan, which was amazing, the People Mover, which I loved, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride, which I enjoyed after waiting 2 hours with many poison apples and impending weather threatening to close it. The Carousel of Progress was cool. We also wandered over to the circus section. When I went when I was 5 I refused to go on Dumbo because I was scared of heights. Fast forward 18 years, still scared of heights, but braver, so I went on it and it was enjoyable. We also went on the small roller coaster in that area and it was fun, a lot more my speed.

My favorite was the Jungle Cruise. I love the guides sassiness and their puns.

Once again it rained, so the parade became a rainy day parade (all the parades that day were the rainy day themed). My friend, who would like to be referred to as Glitter Raptor, had this guy who was in the parade bow down to her and we were all confused and clearly ruined his whole thing. She had a bow with a crown on it, but we didn’t realize that until it was too late……

We went back and had an amazing dinner at our hotel, got a little drunk, then Glitter Raptor and I went back into the park. We intended to watch the fireworks, but ended up going on the Haunted Mansion again and Thunder Mountain. We did see some of the fireworks. This is when security and everyone thereafter began calling Glitter Raptor and I “Princess”, bitch I am a Goddess.

On our walk back to our hotel there were 4 young, extremely intoxicated guys walking ahead of us. One stop to pee on a tree that was 50 feet from the hotel. Get it together.

Day 2

On day to we mastered how to get to the monorail. We also mastered how to use the shower in our hotel room. There were several knobs, it wasn’t you’re average shower.

Anyways, this was our first day at Magic Kingdom. We rode the haunted mansion (loved it), pirates of the Caribbean, the buzz lightyear ride (I got the highest score in my group), thunder mountain, splash mountain, space mountain, the tea cups, basically all the rides. Thunder mountain was broken during our fast pass window and of course opened up right after, but we still got on very quick.

I also tried my first Dole Whip!

Of course it rained again, by rain I mean downpours for hours. It started to flood. Things were bad.

I am also apparently invisible because all week I was hit by strollers or run into by people.

Disney Day 1

For Our first day at Disney World we went to Epcot. Our resort didn’t have the monorail so we had to walk to another resort to catch it. However we got lost and ended up at another resort, but made it none the less. We saw lizards along our walk that were adorable.

At Epcot we rode all the main rides, like Soarin’ (I love how they infuse scents during this), we wandered around the aquarium, and learned about Disney’s research (I wanted to get a job in their lab). Mission to Mars was a little too intense for me and I thought I was going to pass out.

Then, we embarked on drinking around the world. We started in Canada and ended in Mexico. We successfully drank alcohol at every country and Africa which is referred to as a trading post. Also, it rained all afternoon and we had some big thunderstorms and lightning hitting all around us, but that didn’t stop us.