I leave for my vacation tomorrow!!!!


Deep Breaths

There is this guy who goes to the university I work at who I think is attractive. My friend who has a class  with him tried to be match maker and sent him a message, but he didn’t reply. She told me it would be better for me to contact him because he, like me has issues talking to the opposite sex.

After consulting 3 other friends and much debate, I decided to go for and send him a friend request on Facebook. This took a few days to build up the confidence to do it. I know, that’s pathetic, but it was hard since he obviously knows I am interested in him.

He accepted so we shall see how this goes.

When It Rains It Pours

As if having my back and neck issues hadn’t killed my summer enough, my grandmothers pacemaker has decided to die. Well, not completely yet. In a matter of days it went from being good for 4 months to it’s going to die in one month. Then of course she has to wait and get it changed, but her doctor is going to be on vacation. Thankfully she can go somewhere else and get it done sooner since by the time her doctor could do it would leave her 1 week before it would die completely. Did I add she absolutely needs it to live because she has no an node? So for now, I’m staying her. I’ve watered and weeded her garden while she sat in the shade and watched me. Cut her hair. Worked on her crafts for her churches craft fair. And there’s more to come. I can see why she’s tired all the time, she’s always doing something.