Today I had a friend tell me I’m settling with the people I call “friends”. I knew this. Of my “friends” I only really like 5 of them. Some others I find fun to do stuff with, but besides that I don’t actually like them. However, I have this relationship with them so we are friends. I’ve cut a lot of people off over the last few years and I think I need to get back to that.

I have found a lot of my “friends” bring me down in one way or another and my friends don’t do that. Rather they make me be who I really am.


Let’s Get Something Straight

Obviously my sister and I got into a heated argument earlier. She had the balls to say to me “You only have gotten to where you are because of us”. Ha. HAHAHAHA. By us, you mean my “family” who has put me down for the last 4 years for the major I picked? You mean the family that has told me “I know you are right out straight” sarcastically because they want me to stop my essays that I spent days writing to do something for them that they could do themselves? You mean the family who would rather me be a nurse because I am a female and that’s what females in our family do? You mean the family who would rather tell everyone I am lazy because they don’t know what I am doing and would rather talk shit about me than actually ask? You mean the family who say I sleep all day and do nothing because I haven’t showered until 3 pm because I was up all night doing homework and woke up and did the same until I was finished? You mean the family who tell me there is no reason I should be stressed then name off how they have kids and have to work and that’s stuff that causes stress not being in college and working?

The list goes on. I have only gotten to where I am because of me. No one else. Especially not my family.

How About No

I spent 4 years studying biology and now studying public health. I think I know more about the flu than your pathetic ass. I’m sick and tired of my sister acting like she knows everything when she knows nothing. If you could only get the flu from a wet droplets why has it been found to live on a hard surface for 24-48 hours? Just shut up.

Then of course I’m awful for arguing with. I really can’t stand my family.