What A Sunburn

I wasn’t thinking about the consequences of drawing on my eyebrows (see previous brow posts to understand the tragic Eyebrow Incident of October 2017). The last thing I thought of when I was drawing them on yesterday was getting a sunburn around them so when they came off it is very white and you can see where they once were.

It’s a look.


Oh Hell No

I am currently being stood up. Seriously, this asshole is not responding to me and we are supposed to be meeting in an hour. I guarantee you I will hear from his bitch ass way later, if at all. No one has time for little bitch boys.

I shaved my body in preparation for this.

Where Is It

According to my horoscope, today is supposed to connect with someone in a romantic way. Here we are, the day is half over and I am still very much alone. Come on lover, where art thou?

I don’t really play into horoscopes that much, but lately it has been oddly accurate.

Let’s Get Touristy

Glitter Raptor and I went to Freeport yesterday. It is a prime tourist attraction in Maine. We both have had a rough few weeks so we needed to stop being lonely hermits. We bought some Wicked Whoopies and wandering around L.L. Bean . We came across a tent that was zipped so we joked that there was probably a couple having sex. Nope, we opened it to find a mortified 15 year old girl who was hiding on her dad.

Of course it rained because it does when we do anything. Look at Disney. But it stopped eventually.