I’ve been MIA for the last month dealing with some health things. What started as allergies led to severe muscle pain, then a suspected ear infection turned into taking medication I had a bad reaction to for an ear infection that wasn’t actually an ear infection. It’s really tmj issues that are caused from some spine issues. Basically, I’m a mess, but I have finished a week of physical therapy with at least another month to go. Today and yesterday were the first days in a month that I didn’t have a headache all day and I’ve been able to sleep all night without waking up. I still get a pain here and there and my jaw gets a little tingling if I lay a certain way, but it’s all so manageable now. Of course my plans have all changed since I have physical therapy every week, but I’ll survive.

Here’s To Next Year

This weeks Haiti Chronicles are on hold due to something actually happening in my life. No, it is not that exciting. One of my friends is determined to move to New Orleans next year after she graduates and wants me to move with her. Words can’t even describe how bad I want to. The houses/apartments there are basically want I have dreamed of living in, I also love how if feels down there. I could do without the extreme temperatures, but it would most likely only be for a few years. I’d love to be able to eat mudbugs whenever, I have been craving them since I left. It would hard to leave my family, but at least I would know someone down there. There are also some very interesting job opportunities there.