My Life Today


lilypads.JPGIf only I could just spend everyday at a pond  floating on my huge inflatable swan like the basic bitch that I am. Sadly, adulthood prevents this, it’s really a drag. What else is a drag you ask (probably not, but I am going to share anyway)? Having a crush on a guy who doesn’t really want the future as you. I am trying to stay away, because I know the end result will be a disaster, but it is a struggle. He’s not even willing to look at jobs out of state. This is fine for him, but just proves we aren’t really a good match.

I have also begun searching for public/global health master’s programs. So far there are a few schools I like. I have also found some jobs that I like/am qualified for so I need to redo my resume.

It has also finally hit me that I graduated from college. Usually, by this time I would be working on summer classes (I took summer classes every year, along with being a full time student in the fall and spring for the last 4 years). While it feels weird to not be doing class work, I have a sense of freedom that I have longed for. I feel like a real adult, kinda.

Can Everyone Just Stop

This idea of people being lazy for not having a job really ticks me off. 1) The people saying this are on social media all day ready to spew their hate at the first chance, so chances are they don’t have a job 2) it isn’t exactly easy to get a decent job. In order to get a job you have to have experience in the given area. However, you don’t have experience because you have to have the experience to get a job that would give you experience. It’s a twisted cycle.

Thankfully I am able to work at the lab at the college I attended which gives me research experience and have been doing it for almost a year now. That’s not the point though. Not everyone is able to do something like this in their field. They just have to wait until something comes along and most likely work in a job that does not pay their bills. Yes, some people are lazy so they are jobless, but that isn’t everyone. Once again, it is easier to judge others, rather than looking at the big picture. Stop with the hate and spread love. That probably makes me a “snowflake”.




Today in a nutshell

First off, I went to a funeral today. Sadly, the dog of the funeral home owner was not there. This may seem odd, because well, it is. 2015 was a horrible year and I spent several days at the funeral. Naturally, the dog comforted me and followed me around,  he doesn’t really like people, but he realized I needed him in that time.

The next up for today was me losing a little more of my mind reading comments left by complete idiots on news channel facebook posts. I know I need to avoid them because it always just makes me angry that this is 2017 and we still have people denying facts, sexism, and racism (oh wait, racism is also apparently made up, like science). I only hope someday people get a clue. I must say, my favorite comment was on an article about lobster experts at a conference. Apparently, you have to have eaten a lobster in order to be a lobster expert….

Lastly, I was being petty and tried to avoid my sister when she came to my home today. In the process I fell asleep, it was an amazing nap and help relieve me from the pain of my allergies. This is completely irrelevant, but felt like writing it.

Why are people so boring?

Maybe it’s a thing with age, but I feel like people are losing their sense of adventure. It seems that almost everyone I know is too scared to leave this state of Maine. Most of my friends also have degrees in biology, and let’s be honest, there isn’t many biology related jobs in this state. Rather than searching for jobs elsewhere, they would rather stay here and hope they find a job or do something not related to biology at all. This is of course fine if you find something you really enjoy.

One friend doesn’t want to go to due to a fear of flying. I get this, I also have a fear of flying which comes from an intense fear of heights. However, I am not letting that stop me. There is so much out there, the world is such a big place, why limit your experience of it due to a fear? Other people I know fear people. By this I mean, they know cities have a lot of people and just don’t want to have to go deal with that. It’s not like it is like anxiety, they just don’t want to have to take the time to deal with others.

I, on the other hand, would love to live a city. This could stem from living the last 22 years in a town consisting of around 1,000 people that most people don’t even know exists. It would be one thing to me if people didn’t want to/couldn’t travel because they can’t take time off from work or they didn’t have the money, but that’s not it. These people just don’t want to. They don’t want to move because they are comfortable here. I suppose I just love feeling small in an unknown place. I wish my friends would just grab life by the balls and make it their bitch…and travel with me.