I Don’t Have Patience 

I do not have the patience for some of my students. I know that sounds bad, but come on. 3 chances to submit a lab and you still don’t include everything? I just can’t. 



So yesterday I went to Six Flags New England for fright fest. Never again. I hate being scared and I really hate people dressed up like cult followers, following me chanting “you are one of us” just because I had devil horns on. I also don’t like being chased around my friend by men with chainsaws. On top of that, I don’t like roller coasters and went on my first roller coaster that made me go upside down. To be honest the highlight for me was sitting on a bench watching people be scared and then my friend telling the scaring guy that we’d been watching it and he said that was kinda stalker like. 

The Things My Grandmother And I Do

My grandmother has suckered me into helping (completely doing) her crafts for her churches craft fair. For starters, she hasn’t been to church since before last Christmas. I have spent a lot of time on things that will be sold for 25 cents. While spray painting some things in her garage we got high off the paint fumes even with the doors open. I am also still covered in glitter. 


These may look like a pair of raggedy old binoculars, cause they are. But! These were a big thing in a my childhood. My grandfather had a bigger pair and at this time I called him big monkey and I was little monkey. My grandparents had a condo at Old Orchard Beach. We’d use them to spy on people on the beach and other things. My grandmother gave these to me last night and they brought back so many memories.


As I’ve written a lot lately, I have been going through some rough things. What I want the most is to be able to talk to m grandfather, but he passed away a little over 2 years ago. It’s really hard sometimes because I miss him so much. Anyways, I was thinking about him a lot the other night and then a guy on tv started singing Danny Boy. My grandfather liked this song and sang it during his time in the hospital before he died. His name was Daniel too, so he was called Danny. I like to think this was him letting me know that he is here with me.