I Tried.

I tried to be adult and not unfriend the guy a had the brief fling with from Facebook. He obviously didn’t unfriend me either. I regret it. As I have said in the past, I thought he was a cool, nice guy. Then he went crazy and didn’t understand that no means no, was clingy, and was an overall child.

Before our little fling, he hardly posted anything and when he did it was about sports and stuff like that. Now, he posts selfies where he is expressionless and has dead eyes. They are accompanied with captions about how he has to go outside in the cold at work and how people don’t appreciate it.

Get over yourself.

He also posts thing to get compliments about the weight he has lost. While it is great, don’t go fishing for compliments.

Then there is his overall inability to grow up. Instead of just going and buying a muffin pan, given he is almost 30, he would rather whine to his mother on Facebook about not having one so he can’t make what he wants and gets his mother to make them for him instead. They don’t even live near each other. He won’t even get his mail sent to him, instead it goes to his mothers. He just refuses to do things for himself that would make him an adult. Instead, he would rather whine and have others do it for him.

Again, your almost 30, you want these muffins, go buy a $3 muffin pan and make them.

This is a real bitchy rant, I am aware of that, I just needed to get that out.


My Life Today


lilypads.JPGIf only I could just spend everyday at a pond  floating on my huge inflatable swan like the basic bitch that I am. Sadly, adulthood prevents this, it’s really a drag. What else is a drag you ask (probably not, but I am going to share anyway)? Having a crush on a guy who doesn’t really want the future as you. I am trying to stay away, because I know the end result will be a disaster, but it is a struggle. He’s not even willing to look at jobs out of state. This is fine for him, but just proves we aren’t really a good match.

I have also begun searching for public/global health master’s programs. So far there are a few schools I like. I have also found some jobs that I like/am qualified for so I need to redo my resume.

It has also finally hit me that I graduated from college. Usually, by this time I would be working on summer classes (I took summer classes every year, along with being a full time student in the fall and spring for the last 4 years). While it feels weird to not be doing class work, I have a sense of freedom that I have longed for. I feel like a real adult, kinda.