Little Maine Girl On The Move

These may be shitty pictures, but I have once again left vactionland so a short adventure. While I always love seeing this bridge and leaving Maine behind, the feeling of peace when I pass back over it is just as nice. It’s like an instant feel of relief to be home. Also the sunset is gorgeous tonight, but I’m in the backseat and the opposite side so I can’t get a good photo of it.


So yesterday I went to Six Flags New England for fright fest. Never again. I hate being scared and I really hate people dressed up like cult followers, following me chanting “you are one of us” just because I had devil horns on. I also don’t like being chased around my friend by men with chainsaws. On top of that, I don’t like roller coasters and went on my first roller coaster that made me go upside down. To be honest the highlight for me was sitting on a bench watching people be scared and then my friend telling the scaring guy that we’d been watching it and he said that was kinda stalker like.