Just A Little Adventure


Quick Decisions

In the last 24 hours I have agreed to go to Disney in a few months and booked my flights. I probably should take more time to think about things a little more before I do them instead of going on impulse. Oh well.

Figuring Things Out

Haha, what a title. I actually have no idea what I’m doing, let alone have anything figured out.

I think, however, that I have found a place to do my practicum for my degree. It fits what I want and it’s in New York City.

I don’t really need to start planing this until next winter, but I’m looking forward to the future and can’t wait for it. I’m really boring right now and want to live. But I’m trapped for now so I’ll keep dreaming about my future.


The End.

Obviously today is the last day of the year and most people are reflecting on 2017 and planning for 2018. Well, my 2017 started off strong and ended up awful. With the Patriots super bowl win and my adventure in New Orleans I thought this was going to be my year. Ha. Ha. Ha. If you’ve followed me long enough, you’d know I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain since June which has basically fucked up everything. On top of that, my beloved cat died and I miss her so damn much. Also, Trump.

I found out the guy I thought I may be able to date was actually just a creepy loser (no real surprise here, that seems to be who I attract). I also realized how much I actually can’t stand some people so I don’t talk to them anymore (this is probably a good thing).

However, like I said, it didn’t start off so bad. I met some kickass people who are finally people I can relate to (not your typical Mainers really). My friend from middle school got engaged and it’s so nice to see her with such a nice guy finally, and I have really reconnected with an old friend which feels nice.

2017 wasn’t as bad as 2015, I’ll give it that.

I’m not making any resolutions because I know I won’t even bother trying to fulfill them.

Maybe, just maybe 2018 will be a better year. I start classes in 4 days! Long story short, I’m looking for a new job (and hopefully leaving my other one). I don’t have anything else planned do we will see where the year takes me.

2018: The Year Of Tiffany



I have ventured outside and it isn’t that bad out. I mean it’s cold and my eyeballs start to freeze almost instantly, but it’s not awful.


Just A Day In Portland

For my birthday extravaganza my friend brought me to do some fun things that I have never done before in Portland, Maine. First we went to this nice little restaurant called The Bayou. I had jambalaya and cornbread and just about died from how good it was, I would highly recommend it. Then we went to Portland Head Light. It was absolutely  beautiful. We also visited  the Goddard Mansion while we were there. Lastly we went to Get Air as I mentioned in my previous post. I truly love the people I have met and become friends with this year.


Madame Sherri 

This past weekend I adventured over to New Hampshire to find Madame Sherri’s castle. Of course it’s located in Madame Sherri’s forest. I also took the Ann Stokes trail which brought me by many mountains, a swamp, and Indian Pond. It was definitely worth it!