Almost Over

There’s only 3 weeks left of this semester. Can I make it? Who knows.



What a day yesterday turned out to be. First, the 2 I work with for micro for whatever reason didn’t know plastic would melt at a high temperature. So to sterilize pippet tips they put them in a plastic bag. Now, they could have asked me and I would have told them to put them in a beaker or I could have just gone and got the already sterilized tips, which I then did.

Then, while I was in another lab helping students, one of them realized they put the broth in the autoclave in a flask rather than the tubes. Instead of asking me what to do, THEY TURNED THE WHOLE MACHINE OFF. Now, when this happens and the door is shut, it locks. It doesn’t open. Agee several hours of the alarms going off, the door was eventually opened. However, sometimes when this happens it doesn’t and you have to take off the side and manually open and close valves to get it to open.

On top of that, they ask me ” do you how long for the autoclave runs for”. I have told them many times it’s an hour. But they started it and then had to wait for it to stop.

I left.


Everyone at work has got progressively worse this week. One professor not only lost her keys to everything, but also lost her spare keys. She also set up the wrong lab for her class.

Another professor had his class use the wrong buffer and had to restart the lab. Then, they didn’t get the right results.

Oddly enough, the micro lab, while a mess, had it mostly together yesterday.