So Much Science 

50 salt plates 

20 TSA plates

120 glucose tubes

120 lactose tubes

100 sucrose tubes

2 staph aureus blood plates

It was a long, painful day, but I did all that shit.


Another Day, Another Job

I have officially been offered another job at the university! They were even given permission to hire me without giving having to apply, interview and so on. While I’ll just be doing some things in the microbiology lab, I’ll have more to do for the classes when that professor leaves next semester. This week has really helped turn this summer around.

Can Everyone Just Stop

This idea of people being lazy for not having a job really ticks me off. 1) The people saying this are on social media all day ready to spew their hate at the first chance, so chances are they don’t have a job 2) it isn’t exactly easy to get a decent job. In order to get a job you have to have experience in the given area. However, you don’t have experience because you have to have the experience to get a job that would give you experience. It’s a twisted cycle.

Thankfully I am able to work at the lab at the college I attended which gives me research experience and have been doing it for almost a year now. That’s not the point though. Not everyone is able to do something like this in their field. They just have to wait until something comes along and most likely work in a job that does not pay their bills. Yes, some people are lazy so they are jobless, but that isn’t everyone. Once again, it is easier to judge others, rather than looking at the big picture. Stop with the hate and spread love. That probably makes me a “snowflake”.