Today at work I finally got around to cleaning the bottles containing milk that expired weeks ago. Then after being autoclave I had a disgusting think substance that smelled so bad I started gagging. Let’s just say the sink it now clogged too.



Everyone at work has got progressively worse this week. One professor not only lost her keys to everything, but also lost her spare keys. She also set up the wrong lab for her class.

Another professor had his class use the wrong buffer and had to restart the lab. Then, they didn’t get the right results.

Oddly enough, the micro lab, while a mess, had it mostly together yesterday.


Technology Hates Me

Of course, the automatic pippet thing won’t work so I had to hand pippet 140 tubes.


Not Going To Happen

You see, I can’t do all the lab prep and be there for the actual lab classes with only 10 hours a week. Maybe, just maybe, the actual person teaching the class needs to step it up a bit.

I need a new job.



I don’t mind helping people, I really don’t, but I am not paid enough to be all the professors little bitch. I already am running the micro lab and making sure all the machines are working along with basically running the lab class. Now I have to teach one of the professors how to use the gel imager because he forgot. If anything goes wrong and I am not here, it is like the end of the world. I am only supposed to be here 10 hours a week, I can only do so much.


So Pretty

Such a perfect plate.