1 Year…And A Day

Yesterday marked one year since I received my bachelor’s!


A Wild 24 Hours

How to start this… That guy that I had a fling with (we’ll call him Firecrotch from here on out, he’s a ginger)? Well, out of weakness I started talking to him earlier this week. However, he was just as boring as ever. So I made the dating apps while actively talking to him.

I came across his brother on tinder and swiped right to see what would happen. We matched. I ended up telling Firecrotch the next morning. I’d like to add that I told Firecrotch that I was not interested in dating him. Anyways, he flipped. Long story short it ended in me saying “fine, do you want me to fuck your brother?” and him saying I was being awful. He’s the possessive one.

That night, his brother messaged me. He didn’t know I knew who he was and even told me about his brother. I quickly changed the subject. But the next day we had been talking, then he stopped. And then his brother unfriended me from facebook…..

It was fun while it lasted and lets be real, his brother is more attractive than him anyways.