Tomorrow Needs To Be Here

I’m having a lot of anxiety today because I need it to be tomorrow. I see a doctor in sports medicine tomorrow and hopefully will find out why I have chronic pain. I’ve had pain in my hip and knee since I was a child and was always told it was fine. It’s not fine. A 22 year old shouldn’t have their knee crack when they move or have to stop doing something because of the intense pain radiating throughout my hip, let alone having it at 14 like I did. The muscle spasms and pain is just too much. I’m excited to hopefully find out what’s wrong, but at the same time worried about it. I’m basically going to be a wreck until I get there tomorrow morning.


PT for Months

As I wrote about before, I am in physical therapy for my neck and jaw muscles. But, when one has joints that are hypermobile, it’s not that easy. My left hip isn’t stable and with my core exercise I have caused my thigh muscles to become a mess. I’ve already been going for 2 months, so what is a few more times?

This is why I have been having so many posts lately, I am in pain and bored.