Just A Day In Portland

For my birthday extravaganza my friend brought me to do some fun things that I have never done before in Portland, Maine. First we went to this nice little restaurant called The Bayou. I had jambalaya and cornbread and just about died from how good it was, I would highly recommend it. Then we went to Portland Head Light. It was absolutely  beautiful. We also visited  the Goddard Mansion while we were there. Lastly we went to Get Air as I mentioned in my previous post. I truly love the people I have met and become friends with this year.


Getting Spooky

I spent the day in Salem! We visited the memorial for the witches, went to the witch dungeon museum, and stopped by the Derby lighthouse.


Adventures On An Island 

This is Mackworth Island. There’s a lot on this little island, from a pet cemetery, a nice little beach, and Governor Baxter Schol for The Deaf. It is definitely worth a trip!



Today was a beautiful day at Cabbage Island



That Sea Life

Today I have gone back to Boothbay Harbor.



Summer Daze


Can’t it just stay summer forever?