Ok Girl

There I am, sweaty my ass off on an elliptical for my “warm up” in physical therapy. I’m only wearing a t-shirt and leggings. This girl has on a sweater, pants and Ugg boots for physical therapy, not in any distress.

Side note: there is a 0% I’ll be able to walk tomorrow after all I had to do.


Just Another Day

Today I had physical therapy. It started off a little weird when my physical therapist strapped a gait belt around her and I. It got weirder when she spent the next half hour touching my ass. I got a little concerned when she told me to lay on my stomach and started pulling my shorts down. She was going to put kinsotherapy tape on me, but didn’t say that until after.

Busy Busy Busy

My October is filling up with some amazing things! Of course this means grading a lot during the week to not get behind (I’m already very behind because of course over half of the class, which has 60 students, passed their labs in right before the deadline last night). I’m really liking what I have to come, but for now, physical therapy here I come!

PT for Months

As I wrote about before, I am in physical therapy for my neck and jaw muscles. But, when one has joints that are hypermobile, it’s not that easy. My left hip isn’t stable and with my core exercise I have caused my thigh muscles to become a mess. I’ve already been going for 2 months, so what is a few more times?

This is why I have been having so many posts lately, I am in pain and bored.


I’ve been MIA for the last month dealing with some health things. What started as allergies led to severe muscle pain, then a suspected ear infection turned into taking medication I had a bad reaction to for an ear infection that wasn’t actually an ear infection. It’s really tmj issues that are caused from some spine issues. Basically, I’m a mess, but I have finished a week of physical therapy with at least another month to go. Today and yesterday were the first days in a month that I didn’t have a headache all day and I’ve been able to sleep all night without waking up. I still get a pain here and there and my jaw gets a little tingling if I lay a certain way, but it’s all so manageable now. Of course my plans have all changed since I have physical therapy every week, but I’ll survive.