Things I Do To Myself

I have my name set as God on my laptop. Seems harmless right? Wrong. Last night I went to take part in the public health club at the university where I’m going. It was online and I got all set up, but it put my name as God. I tried opening it in a different browser, but the same thing happened.

Eventually I figured out how to change the name, but by then I was extremely embarrassed.


Waiting Waiting Waiting

I’ve applied to some summer internships and I will hear sometime from now until April 14. It’s killing me. It’s unlikely that I’ll get any considering the amount of people who applied, but a girl can dream right?

I’m Back

I’ve been trying to write this for a week now, but couldn’t. It was still too soon.

My sister’s miscarriage reminded me why I’m going for my MPH and focusing on maternal and infant health. 1 in 4 women experience miscarriages. We say we’re sorry for the mother losing a baby and move on. But it’s not so easy for the mother. In the last few weeks my sister has blamed herself for miscarrying. She’s blamed her husband. She’s had to take pills to remove her baby that didn’t work. Take more that did, but caused complications. Had a d&c and complications from the epidural. And she has only been able to take a few days off from work. She hasn’t had time to heal physically and emotionally.

Postpartum depression is just starting to be talked about openly in the US, but mothers are still looked down on for suffering from it. What about mothers who experience miscarriage? They suffer from depression too and it’s time they get a voice.

Figuring Things Out

Haha, what a title. I actually have no idea what I’m doing, let alone have anything figured out.

I think, however, that I have found a place to do my practicum for my degree. It fits what I want and it’s in New York City.

I don’t really need to start planing this until next winter, but I’m looking forward to the future and can’t wait for it. I’m really boring right now and want to live. But I’m trapped for now so I’ll keep dreaming about my future.