How To Properly Spend Lazy Days

My nasty shingles is making me lay low for a little while. To pass my time I’m watching Disney movies. I’ve also been watch Alias Grace on Netflix, I’m not really feeling that show.


What To Do Or Not To Do When You’re Feeling Lonely

I’m finally feeling better after a few months of physical therapy, I have my need for adventure back, I have 2 jobs, I’m applying to masters in public health programs, all that is great, but then there’s this thing with that guy. It didn’t work out because he’s clingy and seems slightly controlling, and acts like because he’s 29 he’s supposed to be boring. I hope in the 7 years I don’t become that way. Anyways, while he isn’t the one for me, I do miss not having someone to talk to in that way already. Maybe So what am I doing to fill that void? I’m planning a trip to New York City, cause why not! The planning will keep me busy so I don’t go back to that hotmess and I love New York City. This is also an impulse decision and I really need to stop doing these things.

Gotta Be Productive

Today I have been sort of lazy. I did wake up and go to a Labor Day parade in the neighboring town, but then I spent hours sitting outside doing nothing. I wrote a blog post, but that’s about it. So, I came home and decided I better do something. I have begun putting together the answer keys and writing out my schedule for this semester. I don’t even have a lot to do and I don’t know how teachers do it. This Friday I have a meeting about my second job so more organizing will be taking place. Oh the joy. At least I plan on saving this money to help with rent where I go next year.