Disney Day 1

For Our first day at Disney World we went to Epcot. Our resort didn’t have the monorail so we had to walk to another resort to catch it. However we got lost and ended up at another resort, but made it none the less. We saw lizards along our walk that were adorable.

At Epcot we rode all the main rides, like Soarin’ (I love how they infuse scents during this), we wandered around the aquarium, and learned about Disney’s research (I wanted to get a job in their lab). Mission to Mars was a little too intense for me and I thought I was going to pass out.

Then, we embarked on drinking around the world. We started in Canada and ended in Mexico. We successfully drank alcohol at every country and Africa which is referred to as a trading post. Also, it rained all afternoon and we had some big thunderstorms and lightning hitting all around us, but that didn’t stop us.


Job Search

At this point it appears Maryland is where I am most likely to get a job. I don’t exactly have fond memories of Maryland, but beggars can’t be choosers.  Last time I was there was for my class trip. I ended up getting a really bad sunburn, by really bad I mean my forehead swelled to the point it looked like I have been hit by a baseball. I also ended up getting sick which later became pneumonia. But, I am willing to give it another chance if that means I can have a job I like.


Back At It

After going stir crazy the last few weeks, I finally went back to the research lab. While it only consisted of doing inventory,  it was good to be back. Of course SDS sheets were just about impossible to find and there are several highly toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that have been sitting around for years.

I did this process with my least favorite professor, but she ended up basically offering me a job for the fall! It’s not a job I want, but it will bring in some extra money and be good for graduate school applications.

Next week I’m back to finding Avian Pox Virus DNA in mosquitos (hopefully).