I’m over how hot and humid this summer has been. Being on winter, bring on -10 degrees Fahrenheit, I miss it.



While enjoying one of my last few days before I start my job, this little guy got caught in a spider web. I couldn’t let it die, so I rescued it and helped it get some webbing off its wings. Nature never seizes to amaze me with its beauty.

Take Me Back


These hot, humid days make me wish I was back in Haiti. It may be a crazy place and was one of the toughest weeks of my life, but I loved it. It is such a beautiful place and the opportunity to go came at the right time in my life.

It was nice not having the internet, all the Fresh fruit for breakfast, sitting on the roof watching the sun set, playing games with kids at the clinic I volunteered at. I probably could have done without the voodoo ceremony, but it was also interesting to see.

Basically , if I’m going to be sweating to death, I’d rather be in Haiti doing it than here.