Just Keep Grading

Some of the highlights from grading tonight are:

-A line graph created on the back of a paper plate

-“The heart is deep to the lungs”

-“I GIVE UP> I CAN’T DRAW PLANES”, I am assuming they didn’t even try

And I am not even close to being done yet…..



I have sat down 2 times before with the intent of applying to a master’s program. I never ended up finishing/submitting it because I had doubts that I would get in anywhere. Well, I am finally applying. I have my goal statements written, my professors writing my letters of recommendations, and all my information filled out. I am really doing it.

Gotta Be Productive

Today I have been sort of lazy. I did wake up and go to a Labor Day parade in the neighboring town, but then I spent hours sitting outside doing nothing. I wrote a blog post, but that’s about it. So, I came home and decided I better do something. I have begun putting together the answer keys and writing out my schedule for this semester. I don’t even have a lot to do and I don’t know how teachers do it. This Friday I have a meeting about my second job so more organizing will be taking place. Oh the joy. At least I plan on saving this money to help with rent where I go next year.

Another Day, Another Job

I have officially been offered another job at the university! They were even given permission to hire me without giving having to apply, interview and so on. While I’ll just be doing some things in the microbiology lab, I’ll have more to do for the classes when that professor leaves next semester. This week has really helped turn this summer around.